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2 People Meet

2 People Meet was a personal project I did in 2010. It took me a little over a year to complete. 2 People Meet was built on a simple ideal. Take the concept of Yelp and add in the option to find a date at a given business profile. In other words, find a date at a spot you wish to explore.

For example:

You would go to the site and search for say a Thai restaurant like you would do in Yelp. The business profile would have general information, reviews, images, etc. The additional part would be that you had the ability to try to find a date to a Thai restaurant. As a user you can Request a Date option. From their at most 10 people can be in queue in hope of being selected. As the user you can remove people from the queue or select to person you wish to take on a date. Once selected a date and time is placed and the dinner date is made!

Here are some notable pieces to mention:

The site was develop in PHP using the Zend Framework.

I had an integration to GoogleMaps to produce a map with pins of search results. (Just like Yelp!)

I used Lucene to drive my search engine for the site. You could search places, people, and events.

I did the web design and logo design. I’m quite happy of my logo design.

It was hosted on a Ubuntu virtual server at Linode that I managed.

2 People Meet was my biggest personal project to date and I was pretty proud of the results. Getting off the ground and finding users was a whole other thing. I realized the importance of being a good marketer and how expensive marketing and advertising can get FAST. Though it never really took off I had fun developing it.


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June 10, 2015

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